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Need a Realtor?

If you're looking looking to connect with a Realtor in the Ithaca area and not already working with one of the many great options out there, check us out- we'd love to work with you for a single, streamlined process!*

*The relationship between Seller and Listing Agent is both legally & ethically protected by New York State and the Association of Realtors®, by which Rio Lange is firmly bound as a NYS Realtor®
While we believe this provides us with valuable insights when staging your listing, we want to guarantee it never interferes with the respect, trust and confidence of the agents who engage our services.
In order to adhere to our legal and ethical standards, we will not be able to offer our opinion on outside listing decisio

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!

Looking for a Realtor Who Specializes in Another Market?

Fortunately, our background in real estate has allowed us to cultivate relationships with the best of the best agents in each market! We work hand in hand with your local Realtor to create a seamless marketing package. Reach out to us to be connected!



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