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Our Services

We're excited to craft your home's story. All of our services are designed with this in mind, whether the purpose is to get the best return for your investment or turn it into a home you love. 

Walk & Talk Consultation

Great for the DIYers. You will have a photo filled, 10-page Staging Report that you can fill out and take notes on while we verbally do the walk through of the home. We will discuss cosmetic changes that will have a powerful return on investment, how to showcase the best features of your home while minimizing the less desirable, and how to arrange furniture to create appropriate movement and traffic flow. 



Vacant Staging

Vacant homes are especially in need of staging because they tend to take longer to sell and get the lowest price. We pull from our curated inventory and accessories in order to design rooms full of emotional connections that make the target buyer feel home. Give us a call for a free price estimate that gives you options and works within your budget before planning an on-site visit and evaluation.



Making the most out of what home owners have while creating functional environments that are tailored to their needs, style, and lifestyle.

Occupied Staging

Successful staging is the art of using marketing and design techniques to create an environment that buyers can “aspire” to. We'll transform your home to appeal to the maximum number of buyers with a three step process: using what you already own to maximize staging potential, shopping for items that go with what you own and modernize the space, and providing cosmetic recommendations that will greatly increase your ROI.


Vacation Rental Furnishing & redesign

We'll discuss your goals and expectations for your rental before either providing redesign recommendations and a list of furnishings to purchase or, if a more white glove service is preferred- managing all renovations, acquiring all furnishings, staging, and photographing to get the maximum potential bookings.

Real Estate Photography

Exclusively offered to all design clients so that your online first impression looks its best. 

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Feel free to give us a call, text, or email so we can discuss your goals, expectations, and budget to help decide which service is best suited for you and your home.

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